The rise of mobile phone photography has definitely impacted the way weddings are photographed. While on one hand it allows for more candid and spontaneous photos to be captured, on the other hand it can also lead to distractions and disruptions during the ceremony and the formal photo sessions.

Some wedding photographers have expressed concerns about guests using their flash or getting in the way of the professional photographer's shot. This can lead to unflattering or blurry images, and can also be disruptive to the couple's special moment.

However, some photographers have embraced this trend and are now using it to their advantage by incorporating the photos taken by guests into their final albums. This allows for a more comprehensive and diverse documentation of the event.

Ultimately, it depends on the couple's preference and the photographers approach to this trend. It's important to have open communication between the couple, the photographer and the guests to ensure that everyone is aware of the expectations and to minimize any potential issues.