Dancing heals the soul

Dancing with grace, a flowing form

Each step a symphony, a gentle storm

Twirling in rhythm, with fluid ease

Arms swaying, lost in a dreamlike breeze

In the beat of the music, they find their way

A graceful dance, night and day

With each spin, a story they unfold

Their hearts alight, with love they're bold

In this world of movement, they come alive

With every dip, and every jive

Their bodies move, as if they were one

With the rhythm, they've just begun

The music lifts them, like a gentle hand

And they dance, in this enchanted land

With each step, a story they unfold

Their hearts ablaze, with love they're bold

So let the music play, and the dancers sway

With grace and beauty, let them display

Their love for dancing, that's pure and true

And in this moment, they'll dance anew.