Why do people pay for sex?

I know a few of you have already raised eyebrows, pondering what this topic is about while the others are clutching to their Holy books, speaking in tongues. Well, the truth can not be left untold. People in our communities surreptitiously supply and use the services. They vary across various fault lines from gender, race and age. 

Under current law, it is not illegal for consenting adults to buy and sell sex – but soliciting for sex is a crime. Paying for sex in the UK and a lot of other EU countries is legal as long as it not forced or overtly advertised. That could be a good reason why the sex industry in the UK is worth £8.5bn and growing.

The mare size of the revenue has got me curious about how an industry with such stigma can generate such amount of revenue. I also want to understand why the suppliers ( Prostitutes) and users of the services have opted for it as a means of income and sexual relief respectively.  

Let us start with the characteristics of the men in who get in the sexual cahoots, so we can attempt to uncover the litany of reasons why they do. One reason that pops to mind is Shyness and intimidation of the opposite sex. This has been a common reason among the younger generation and has been predicted to get worse over the next few years. Young men now have poor social skills which could be linked to mobile, gaming and internet technology.  Another reason for that demography using sex workers is the ease of transaction in comparison to dating. A lot of men find it hard work going through the process of dating so would rather use a prostitute for their sexual needs.  Among other reasons and pair-pressure, no strings attached relationship not forgetting no emotional baggage. 

Just to warn you that my findings mostly researched online took me to a very dark place and I would not like to share them with you.

Ref Mirror Newspaper – 

An estimated 3.8 million UK men who have paid for sex at some point in their lives – which equates to one in eight men.

That stat is all the more shocking when you consider that tens of thousands of UK prostitutes are sex trafficking victims.

That been said, I am not here to pass judgement on the deeds of users of the services considering they are genuine to their reality. 

Ref: Men’s Health magazine 
There’s an old saying: “If you treated your wife like you treated your hooker, you’d have the world’s strongest marriage.” Not familiar with that chestnut? Well, then you probably haven’t talked to enough prostitutes. Yes, they say things like that. And they’re not kidding.

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