Natural State of Being

Ever get that feeling of being looked at but not being seen. As much as being beautiful is a blessing, this being looked at without really being seen is not something I care for much. Spending time with my words, but not understanding them, placing me in a box that I didn’t ask for. Giving me admiration, I do not always enjoy.

It has taken a lot of self-determination and will to push through the barriers you have so thoughtlessly set for me. I do not need a box, I do not desire a fence, I do not wish to jump another hurdle. I do not always desire a lip stain or stimulating conversation, I do not always want to wear a laced up corset or a laced down brazier. Sometimes I just want to let it all loose, my tears, my fears, my weaknesses, my insecurities. I am happy to let it hang like that piece of jewellery that has fallen out of my trinket box. I prefer for it to dangle like that branch about to be aborted from it’s tree. I prefer for it all to be unsightly, not beautiful, not perfect, not pristine, just organic and raw because I am only human. 

I am not porcelain, I oftentimes prefer for my words to roll off my tongue in self-expression as my soul cries for freedom. Freedom from the chains you have put me in, I do not want permission to dismount this podium where you made me no 1, when I was happy without a Throphy. I do not want you to parade me like your prized horse, nor do I desire to be part of the spectators cheering in the crowd.

I want to live fiercely, freely and bathe in the tranquillity of the bed of my choices, the choices I have made. To dream without apology and wake up renewed by only thoughts of myself,  not what you want, not what you made me, not even what I could be. I just want to be looked at and truly seen, for my words to be collected skillfully and curated masterfully, not tossed aside like discarded stencil. I would love to be heard maybe possibly even understood, but most importantly I require you to look at me and truly see me. 


‘Let’s Dress You Up’ 

Provide Premium Image consultancy services, Bridal & Occasion Styling, and Personal Shopping. 

“We want every client that uses any of our services to go away confident they have the knowledge and tools required to present the best version of themselves to the world. For us, it’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you show up.”

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