Celebrating Christmas within the Grace and the Law.

A Covid Christmas

Christmas in the year of the Covid would be one to be written in the family history books for years to come.  Whatever tier you find yourself by way of location and Covid Lockdown. Most of us in the UK will have to make do with a socially austere Christmas this year. P.M. Boris has subjected us to a maximum of three families however, no more than eight people in total. With the average African family being five, it looks like we might break the rules with just two families. As important social distancing is to us beating the virus. The convoluted rules and Tier system is a lot of booha, we might as well not bother with Christmas gatherings this year. 

Breaking the law.

I am quite sure when push comes to shove we all really have to put into consideration what counts the most. A choice between a complete family that survives the wrath of the covid, as we leap into 2021 or sacrificing of the few for the survival of the many all in the name of Christmas social gathering.  No matter what stance you take, it is important that we all understand that the repercussions of jollification would affect us all and could or may prolong us being in isolation most of 2021. 

Sign here, please

Our family will be inviting two families this year and have a prior agreement to confirm they have not been in contact with anyone who has covid and have not shown any signs or symptoms of the virus. We would also be getting them to sign a consent agreement saying that they have accepted are invitation knowing the risk of contracting Covid-19.  That been done, the aim is to find the trappings of Christmas camaraderie at the bottom of a few bottles of the hard stuff. 

The Zoom Parade served with Virtual Turkey

As per the rest of my family and friends, they would have to make do with catching up on Zoom and hope that the bandwidth holds considering most of the country would test the capacity of the network till it turns blue in the face. Considering the world has come to this,  despite the circumstances, we should be glad that we at least have faster broadbands, 4G and the lot else we would be in the true sense of isolated lockdown. 

So, I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me. The Three family rule of eight persons is far fetched and would be quite a struggle for most families to abide by. However, the onus is on us and we all should acknowledge that we are all going to pay quite a dare price in the New Year and months to come. Keep your distance and stay save. 

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