There is more to portrait photography

From the luxuriant stylish images in pages of a classy fashion magazine to the billboards in the buzzing streets of London Westend. High fashion and great photography could be ubiquitous for all to admire, displaying the opulent lifestyle and narrative sold us all in the sense or concept of make-believe. As a curator using the camera as my chosen tool of craft, my quest is to always raise above the bar, constantly aiming for the elusive spirit called perfection. I am sure by now you would be asking where exactly am I taking you.  Well, I have paid my dues over the years and perfected my craft but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to good portrait photography. 

The building blocks that lead to good portraiture buttresses on three major things. Firstly, the photographer’s talent and style. Photographers have different levels of experience and a variety of creative styles which could narrate the end result. Makeup is the second point required for good portraiture. The subject needs to be enhanced, considering that portraiture is about showing the subject in their best light. Lastly and pertinent is the wardrobe. This is where most people fail. Most of us presume that we have the skill set to dress ourselves up but in most cases, we break all dress code rules. 

My point is if you have hired the professional skills of the photographer, hairstylist and Makeup Artist( MUA) for your portrait or birthday shoot,  why short change yourself by not hiring a stylist or Image consultant. This simple omission most of the time becomes the missing jigsaw pieces that certainly leads to a waste of effort.  

So next time when you have that special occasion where you need to step in front of the camera like that Hollywood star,  remember to hire the complete team of professionals to make the whole. 


‘Let’s Dress You Up’ 

Provide Premium Image consultancy services, Bridal & Occasion Styling, and Personal Shopping. 

“We want every client that uses any of our services to go away confident they have the knowledge and tools required to present the best version of themselves to the world. For us, it’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you show up.”

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