Making The Black Pound Count

Let me start by asking you a simple question. How much of your monthly income is spent or put in the palms of a fellow black person in exchange of goods or services? Should we presume 1-20%  or should I say zero for the majority of us out there? I would like to cut to the chase, the more we allow our hard-earned earning to escape the fists of our fellow back brothers and sisters, the more the collective would wallow in poverty. 

In the UK the average black person would buy their groceries from the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury but also from the local small Asian shops to buy their Yams, Plantain and other exotic delicacies. Putting the essentials to one side, unlike our Asian counterparts, we are quick to outsource our services and household repair requirements to skilled people outside our community. which leads to the multiple loops our money requires in order to generate our community wealth.  Before some of you start to castigate me for being parochial. I would like to say that it is not acceptable to pay for services or goods that don’t meet good standards. This puts the onus of our service and goods suppliers to raise the bar on the delivery and after-sales service. 

In order to a cacophony of financial security in our community.  A good percentage of our earning would be required to loop at least 5 times within the community before finding its way into the hands of other races. This would lead to financial growth and wealth creation. 

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